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Setup Marketing Department

With more than 6 years of experience, MKT Pro is confident to be the most reputable and quality inhouse marketing solution in the market. The results have been verified by the numbers and the trust, satisfaction of partner enterprises.


5 - 7 days
Reach 80% - 100% of the number of employees
10 - 15 times
Quality of Marketing personnel compared to the general employees
20+ leader
Director, Head of MKT quality and elite
300+ partner
Successful cooperation customers

Representative Achievements

⭐ Setup and build an in-house Marketing department, deploy Marketing activities for more than 100 enterprises.
⭐ Youtube channel: produces creative videos that attract subscribers and 200,000 views.
⭐ Subscribers to Tik Tok channel has reached more than 200,000 Follow and more than 30 Million View.
⭐ Sales conversion rate at partner enterprises is 30-50%, 10 - 15 times higher than the old rate of business.
⭐ The percentage of return customers, brand awareness increases by 3-5% per month thanks to the professional customer care.
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