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Since 2015, ENUY CORP has started to provide basic services in the Marketing industry for many SME such as: SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Marketing Auto, Digital Sales, Bee Pro - personal branding . During that process, we are constantly researching to develop and improve service quality. Inheriting a solid Marketing basis, in 2018, the MKT Pro project was officially put into operation by ENUY CORP. Over 6 years of experience, MKT Pro is confident to be the most prestigious and quality in-house marketing department setup solution on the market. The results have been verified by numbers with the trust and satisfaction of partner businesses.


5 - 7
DAYS reach 80% - 100% of the number of employees
10 - 15
TIMES quality of Marketing personnel compared to the general employees
Director, Head of MKT quality and elite
SUCCESSFUL cooperation customers

Representative Achievements

☆ Setup and build an in-house Marketing department, deploy Marketing activities for more than 100 enterprises.
☆ Sales conversion rate at partner enterprises reached 30-50%, a high increase compared to the old rate.
☆ Build an effective sales - customer service process to help businesses: Increase revenue, increase 3 - 5% rate of customer repurchase, satisfaction and brand introduction every month.
☆ Producing attractive creative content: reaching more than 350,000 views on Youtube channel; More than 333,000 Followers, 5.9 million likes and more than 60 Million Views on Tiktok platform.
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