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According to a report by Marketing at Work, on average businesses lose about 10-25% of customers, equivalent to a large amount of revenue “evaporating” every year. One of the serious mistakes that causes this situation is not applying the right type of Marketing to the business, not having an effective coordination between Marketing and Sales.

If we want to increase sales, we have to get more buyers; consumers use products – services of enterprises more; Increase the prestige of the business and expand the size of the company. Create and change consumer behavior. Effective marketing combined with Sales and customer care is the key to success!




To solve the revenue problem, business owners need to choose the right type and come up with an effective marketing strategy. Here are 4 types of Marketing to help businesses solve the revenue problem:

1. Set up a Marketing team yourself 

Very suitable for small companies, startups or newly established companies. Effective with little cost,

(1 room with 4 – 7 employees; the director or business owner is the person who directly manages and assigns work)

  • Advantages: Cost savings when Enterprises build a Marketing department and recruit the necessary positions, train themselves and develop communication strategies.

Suitable for companies with business owners who are passionate, have high professional expertise, have a certain relationship in the field. With this type, businesses quickly have sales, with low costs. Quickly earn profits after 6 months – 1 year of establishment of the company.

  • Disadvantages: can make it small but not expand the market, not suitable for businesses that want to develop on a large scale. The cost of 1 year is from 120 to 240 million excluding the director’s salary.


Tự setup 1 đội Marketing

2. Hire an Agency to deploy appropriate Marketing solutions

Usually suitable for micro-scale, extremely large-scale use.

  • Advantages: The Agency will provide MKT  solutions and complete products to help businesses

With a very small business scale: Due to the lack of self-deployment capabilities, it is forced to outsource and trust the Agency. Low level of sales, or sporadic leased operations.

  • Disadvantages: The cost is higher than setting up the MKT in-house room yourself if you do it for a long time.

For example: If hiring an agency team to do all marketing tasks such as: editing business introduction videos, 1        sales videos, renting advertising accounts, renting outdoor billboards, hiring content – materials   … the smallest rental cost is about 240 million.

With this type, it will be really effective to combine with a professional Marketing team consisting of the following positions: Marketing Director, Good Marketing Manager combined with Agency Relations department. At the same time, it is necessary to have a specific content plan. Then hiring an agency team will bring better results.

Agency là gì? 5 tiêu chí để doanh nghiệp chọn thuê Agency

3. Invest in building a full marketing department

From the Head of Marketing Department to MKT personnel according to the company strategy of 1 department with a size of 5 – 15 employees. Suitable for medium and large businesses.

  • Advantages: The ability to expand the market is very large. Professional marketing team builds quality content from images – videos, runs effective ads to potential customers, builds customer care scenarios to improve return rate, expand unreached files, product development.
  • Disadvantages: Needs a large investment and takes a lot of work to build. It takes 1-2 years for the Marketing department to get on a stable track and break through in revenue and profit.

=> Minimum cost 1.3 billion/year.

Đầu tư xây dựng phòng marketing đầy đủ

4. Building Marketing – Sales – Customer Care department phòng

Type 4 is the optimal combination of Type 3 Marketing department with Sales and Customer care departments. Suitable for medium and large businesses. Normally, businesses often have their own sales department, MKT, Sale – Customer care department. But with type 4, it can be grouped into 1 department of MKT – SALES – Customer care.

The construction of MKT – Sale – Customer care department helps businesses optimize resources. Content HR, FBs Ads, Market Research, Media Editing, Sales, Customer Service  work together to research the product and service market, draw the clearest customer portrait so that we can bring make plans, coordinate to complete the most effective MKT – business goals and strategies.

  • Advantages: Large-scale scalability, quick and efficient customer access, rapid increase in sales, cost savings in the long run.
  • Disadvantages: Not suitable for small businesses. Requires personnel with high labor productivity, effective work arrangement and management system.

Các yếu tố cấu thành 1 phòng MKT – Sales hiệu quả

Xây dựng phòng Marketing - Sales – CSKH

Above are sharing about 4 main types of revenue increase for businesses. ENUY hopes that through sharing about their Marketing – Sales experience, business owners can choose the right type to increase revenue for their company. Hope your business grows!