Building a system training and developing corporate culture to all employees
#Our Managing Human Resource Experience 02/05/2021

Building a system training and developing corporate culture to all employees

Firstly, to build a system developing the corporate culture, enterprises themselves must have a transparent and clear cultural system. A clear culture of mission and vision (short term and long term); has core values and cultural values. These contents should be documented and circulated within enterprises.

Building a cultural training system with a process

1. Cultural training

Cultural training

The cultural training needs to be deployed as soon as the personnel come to the company.

In this step, firstly, the personnel will learn about the company culture through cultural documents sent before the training session. This ensures that employees can grasp the company’s vision, mission and core values and cultural values. From there, they will evaluate themselves to be suitable or not, to continue to work and contribute to the company or not.

Next, the personnel will participate in the cultural training session, in this session, the personnel will be explained more clearly about the vision, mission and values of the company:

Why does the company have that vision and mission?

What do they mean, how is the implementation?

What do the core values of the company mean?

Why are those values important?

At this time, the questions or ambiguity of the personnel will be answered, at the same time, the enterprise can also evaluate whether the personnel are suitable for the company culture, are there any missing elements to be fostered in the working process.

2. Testing the cultural knowledge again

To ensure that personnel have fully understood the culture, the personnel shall express their understanding of the company culture, evaluate and sympathize by themselves about whether the company culture is good or not, appropriate or not.

Once again is for the personnel to absorb the company culture where they work at.

3. Maintaining the culture

Maintaining the culture

There are many ways to maintain a corporate culture:

– Regularly repeating, spreading and applying culture to work: putting it into contests, internal cultural communication activities so that personnel are frequently repeated and reminded.

– Using good cultural seeds: planting seeds and using seeds well (like Marketing Manager, leader) to spread the culture in the team naturally and regularly to the personnel.

– Organizing cultural honor activities so that personnel can see the importance as well as be recognized when performing and practicing well the corporate culture.

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