Building human training and development system
#Our Managing Human Resource Experience 25/04/2021

Building human training and development system

Personnel training is an important thing for every business. However, training is costly and time-consuming but not always effective. The reasons for ineffective training are as follows:

Firstly, personnel often tend to work based on habits, unable to withstand the pressure of work. The most lack of skills is soft skills, except for highly self-disciplined personnel.

Secondly, the implementation of the training process in the business is not close, not reaching a certain result yet. Especially the Board of Directors and the Managers are not really interested in personnel training because they think it is the responsibility of the human resources department.

121 Day at ENUY

4 steps to build the training process

1. Demand analysis

Training Demand

Training Needs = Expected Job Results – Current Job Results

Based on the Weekly Job Picture (WJB), the results of the Human Development Index and the business strategy of the project Director, Marketing Manager will set up training matrices, skill matrices, training history and individual development strategies.

Contents to be trained to:

  • Resolve bad issues that directly affect the revenue: finding out hot issues that directly affect the revenue in the Sales and Marketing department. Pointing out the problem and put it into the training program.
  • Improve labor productivity: training important job placement skills from high to low, breaking up each job arranged in schedule 168.

This will minimize the organization of training sessions: solving unnecessary problems or the problem of training wrong personnel.

The Marketing Director and Manager will be the direct implementers, so they will have a good understanding of the business strategies, will know if their employees are weak, lacking any skills to be trained.

2. Training plan

Training Plan

  • In order for participants to be excited about the training session, the training program must be structured in an attractive way.
  • Trainers should be diverse because each person has a strength, thereby developing many training resources
  • The Marketing Director and Manager will be the ones to plan the training based on the results of training analysis and the funding that the company provides, including: Training contents, Form, Time – Location, Equipment, Funding,…

 3. Implementing the training

Training at ENUY

The training should take place weekly to immediately resolve Personnel’s skills issues. The Marketing Director and Manager will implement the training according to the plan and ask the staff to apply the results immediately, take action immediately after the training session. The implementation of training must be ensured that personnel can understand and apply it to their current job.

4. Post-training evaluation

Post-training evaluation

The training must be ensured after the training session that the staff can do the job. Employees will apply their training results to job implementation (Implementation method in the Job Picture) and the plan of studying – improving their own skills (schedule 168).

The contents of training are from the skills that personnel lack, measured by the results of working on the Job Picture. Hence to evaluate training results through comparison of job completion rates and quality of job before and after training.

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