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To deploy and operate an effective Marketing – Sales department, business owners who do not have or have little experience in running a Marketing – Sales department face many difficulties in stages such as recruiting, training and changing. personnel position. MKT Pro was born to solve this painful problem of business owners.
Eliminate inefficiencies with a methodical Marketing measurement system
Business owners have problems measuring the effectiveness of the Marketing department: Not seeing the implementation process, the progress of personnel, difficult to predict risks, not getting commensurate value compared to the input amount.


We built an Inhouse Marketing Department with an effective management system:
  • Build a suitable workflow system:

    Building a suitable process system will help the Marketing department run smoothly on its own. Bring high efficiency at work. Specifically:

    • Building a system of assigning tasks from the director to the head of the department. Head of Department down to host each job. Each host divides the work for each employee.
    • Building a system of methods and checklists such as: building KOLs. Running ads, building Groups, building TikTok, Youtube channels, etc. So that the following employees can inherit the previous human resources knowledge
    • Build a work tracking system to help the leader easily grasp the team’s work status. And promptly come up with a change plan to achieve the goal
    • Build HR rankings to see which employees are creating the most value for the business
    • Develop a handover process when leaving work. The process helps new employees get up to speed after only 1 week, …

    Building a set of standards:

    Any job, no matter how small, should be assigned a suitable evaluation standard.
    From there, employees can self-assess the quality of their work. They will also be more self-aware and conscious of their duties. Provide methods to do, complete work quickly but still bring high efficiency.

    Based on ratings:

    1.  HR work progress index by day and hour

    Helps to measure revenue indicators, customer conversion rates by channel, number of leads obtained through each channel (online, offline), contributing to the revenue increase of each work item.

    2.  Appropriate salary and bonus KPIs

    Associated with the revenue, work results of each member;
    Measure and implement progress control, daily HR KPIs, automatically calculated into payroll.

    3.  Weekly performance measurement index

    Shows the increase/decrease in the customer conversion rate, the number of old customers re-buying,.. helps the Marketing Manager to detect signs of change when the problem has not happened or just happened, quickly build Rebuild the content of the plan, handle the hot spots affecting revenue and, optimize the customer conversion rate.

    Building KPI system:

    When implementing Marketing, big and small strategies and plans. It is necessary to set specific and detailed KPIs for each job and employee.

    – To build effective KPIs, businesses first need to have a specific job description for each employee. Based on the Marketing plan and the goals of the Marketing department. The business will break down into small goals for each individual. From there, the KPI of each employee is formed.
    – KPIs will help businesses control, measure and accurately evaluate the effectiveness of the Marketing department. 

    Business owners who want to build a Marketing department to measure work efficiency and focus on the end results of the business, contact us to discuss more.


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