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In the process of providing services, we received a lot of questions and mistook MKT Pro as an agency that provides Marketing solutions.

So today’s article we will find out how the Marketing solution MKT Pro provides is different to the services of agencies on the market today!



Điểm khác biệt giữa MKT Pro và agency

Difference between MKT Pro and agency

1. Recruitment time
MKT Pro: It takes 5-7 days to reach 80-100% of the number of Marketing – sales staff.Support businesses to set up in-house Marketing department with full positions: Head of Marketing Department (MKT Director), Content HR, Market Research, Ads, media, Designer,… go directly to the business under the management of a partner enterprise.

Agency unit: Immediately deploy a Marketing campaign. Agency only provides products, marketing solutions do not provide human resources for businesses. Even if you hire an agency, you still need to have an in-house Marketing department with your staff.
Marketing Pro’s marketing department building process
Operate and deploy an effective Marketing – Sales system

Quy trình xây dựng phòng Marketing của Marketing Pro

Vận hành triển khai hệ thống Marketing – Sales hiệu quả


2. Quality of personnel

Chất lượng nhân sự

Chất lượng nhân sự

  • MKT Pro: Providing a team of marketing personnel with deep understanding of products and services, ensuring progress, continuous adjustment in accordance with the company’s business plan and the needs of the market.
    Agency Unit: Agency team are people with good expertise, experience with each specific field.=> It will be very effective if the Agency combines with the in-house Marketing department.
  1.  Marketing expenses for businesses

Chi phí Marketing cho doanh nghiệp

Chi phí Marketing cho doanh nghiệp

  • MKT Pro: With many years of experience in the Marketing industry, ENUY evaluates that MKT Pro has a cost equal to or lower than the cost of outsourcing agencies and saves up to 50% of costs compared to setting up a Marketing department by yourself.

+ The salary of the staff is equal to the in-house marketing staff, but much lower than the productivity they can do. The workload and coverage of marketing channels increased 2-3 times compared to the old operation.

+ Most importantly, MKT Pro will help save the CEO’s time. Instead of having to participate in operations management and support the Marketing team, they now just need to read the results and come up with a strategy that is right for their business.

+ Besides, MKT Pro saves and optimizes communication costs. Because the quality of marketing products will be improved to increase the effectiveness of reaching the same number of customers as before.

  • Agency unit: The initial cost is lower when building an in-house MKT room, but in the long run, the cost is usually higher. Agencies often charge based on the time to implement a Marketing campaign or based on the commission, revenue from that campaign on the annual cost of the business.


  1. Confidentiality of information and commitment to exclusive service

Bảo mật thông tin và cam kết phục vụ độc quyền

Bảo mật thông tin và cam kết phục vụ độc quyền

  • With MKT Pro:

+ Ensure the company’s information and business plan is 100% confidential and take responsibility before the law and the company’s charter if there is any information leakage problem.

+ The marketing team is set up only for businesses, thoroughly grasping not using Freelancer to do more to influence the business.

+ Head of Department, Marketing Director and Enuy company only serve your business and do not serve any other customers who are competitors of the partner business.

  • With agency unit
    High security for large, reputable agencies. Agency does not serve exclusively.


  1. Work progress management – personnel

Quản lý tiến độ công việc - nhân sự

Quản lý tiến độ công việc – nhân sự

  • With MKT Pro, the personnel is under the management and focus on working for the business, receiving jobs and reporting progress according to the system, so the business owner is completely proactive in monitoring and grasping the work progress information. of employee. In addition, when there is an in-house MKT room, business owners will reduce the time to communicate, approve and launch the campaign, thereby speeding up the work progress. At the same time, when there are unexpected changes or incidents, it will be faster and more convenient to offer solutions. 
  • As for the Agency, the work progress is efficient, good productivity with large, reputable agencies. But it is difficult for business owners to be proactive and have to depend on the progress of the Agency, taking time to approve ideas and plans may take longer and it is difficult to come up with quick solutions when there is a change. surprise.

Above are the differences between the Marketing solutions that Enuy provides with agencies. Enuy hopes that through his sharing, business owners can better understand and distinguish MKT Pro’s products and services from other outsourcers; You can choose the right marketing support solutions for your company. Hope your business grows!

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