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Some benefits of building a Marketing department

1. Expand your business scale, approach customers quickly and effectively, increase sales quickly, save costs in the long run.
2. Professional marketing team builds quality content from images – videos, runs effective ads to potential customers, builds customer care scenarios to improve return rate, expand unreached files approach, product development.
3. Research, collect information, mine customer data to build and optimize strategies, create breakthroughs based on enterprise’s resources, become a prominent brand in the market.
4. Increase the conversion rate of potential customers, and the rate of referrals from old customers. Help the business’ brand imprint in the customer’s mind.
5. Confidentiality of company and customer information from 3rd parties – Building trust with customers
6. The marketing department belongs to the owner of the business, follows the instructions and all decisions come from the business owner. The head of the department acts as a mentor, who will propose plans and policies for business owners and deploy them to employees to achieve what the business owner wants.
7. The business owner has the right to interfere in the entire system related to communication, recruitment, dismissal and the operation of the marketing department.

The construction of a Marketing department plays an important role in business and is the mission of an enterprise. It is considered the face of the business, coordinating and producing all the documents. It also creates an overarching image that presents the business in a positive way.




a. The role of the Marketing Manager (Leader)

  • The Marketing Manager will be the person responsible for leading and managing the Marketing team: Responsible for training, assigning tasks, managing and motivating the team.
  • Building a marketing management process for businesses
  • Plan, implement, execute, and evaluate advertising, purchasing, and promotions; Implement sales action plans for each product category.
  • Statistics and evaluation of marketing effectiveness: The marketing manager evaluates to collect the most objective information about the effectiveness of the campaign, from which to draw out what has worked well, what has not been done well and needs to be changed for the better. next time
  • Forecasting and implementing annual revenue quotas: Analysis of trends and results; setting pricing strategy; offer competitive selling price

The head of the department plays a key role in defining goals and formulating marketing strategies and tactics.

  1. Marketing goals of the business – The goal to be achieved
  2. Marketing goals of the business – To achieve that, what specific goals need to be done?
  3. Marketing strategy to achieve that goal
  4. Smaller tactics to execute strategy
  5. Execution and control
  6. Statistics, measurement, performance analysis and reporting.

b. The role of content creators (Content)

  • Build quality content to increase “traffic” traffic for your website, fanpage, youtube,…
  • Increase customer connection
  • Editing, creating and diversifying advertising content, marketing the company’s services on Fanpage, Website, a number of other marketing and communication channels.
  • Content creation, editing for marketing campaigns (slogan, tagline, catalog, content marketing, ads copywriting), Social Media projects, PR content.
  • Writing/editing movie scripts, dialogues/film commentary/reportage/video clips internally, projects and taking responsibility for the content in project clips, reportage, 3D movies, taking pictures of model houses, staff project representative.
  • Good management of content, images, posts, ensuring aesthetics, enhancing the company’s brand.
  • Conveying messages, content, information – attractive products to customers
  • Quality content saves media costs

c. The role of the Advertising Personnel (Ads)

  • In charge of issues related to communication, brand promotion, internal communication.
  • Advise and propose advertising and marketing ideas for companies and projects.
  • Optimize online advertising channels: Facebook; Google; Youtube; Zalo; Linkedin;…
  • Manage, build and develop advertising campaigns, marketing activities and on e-commerce sites.
  • Develop plans to run Facebook Ads ads; Google Ads; Youtube; Zalo; detailed, in line with the company’s Marketing campaign;
  • Conceptualize and write advertising content (including writing content, presenting content, ideas about images);
  • Directly deploy Facebook advertising campaigns according to the approved budget;
  • Research and deliver advertising messages suitable for customers;
  • Monitor and evaluate to optimize the design/content/cost and conversion rate of the Company’s Facebook Ads advertising campaigns, ensuring the results follow the roadmap and set goals;
  • Actively research, research and collect information about market trends in the field of ongoing projects/campaigns in order to find new content development directions, appropriate communication aspects. .

d. The role of Sales Personnel – Customer Service

Sales Personnel (Sales):

  • Finding customers: Actively looking for potential customers through communication and marketing channels.
  • Consulting and sales: Find out and firmly grasp the benefits and features of the company’s products, services, and sales policies to be able to advise the right plan for customers.
  • Answering questions: Sales staff will be a companion and support to answer questions for customers throughout the buying process.

Customer Care Personnel

  • Customer care helps create loyal customers
  • Customer care role: Attracting more new customers
  • Save costs by making the most of the role of customer care
  • Increase the level of customer satisfaction with the products – services of the enterprise.

e. The role of Design Personnel – Filming

Product design makes the message more impressive. According to research, the number of likes on sales fanpages is high thanks to images and colors. In other words, advertising attracts buying behavior.

Design – shoot and create quality products, images and videos that make it easier for recipients to remember information, and be attracted by the brand’s product and service advertisement. Contributing to successful Marketing campaigns



Lợi ích khi xây dựng mục tiêu và KPI phù hợp cho phòng Marketing

Lợi ích khi xây dựng mục tiêu và KPI phù hợp cho phòng Marketing

Benefits of building appropriate goals and KPIs for the Marketing department

  • In measuring revenue, KPI shows which products are in high inventory, which products sell less but bring high profits… to adjust sales policies accordingly.
  • Developing goals and KPIs helps the leadership team to align business goals with departmental and individual goals. From there, there is a basis for developing KPIs for staff, a basis for measuring the progress and success of the communication campaign. From there, propose plans for improvement and promotion. KPIs help businesses evaluate project completion at any time, not necessarily at the end of the month or quarter.
  • In human resources work, KPI helps to measure human capacity, employee’s contribution to business goals, effectiveness on each invested employee, thereby designing training and coaching solutions. increase staff performance.

KPIs help Marketing Managers and MKT directors to manage labor performance through indicators, measure employee performance, and know employee problems. From there, quickly come up with a plan to adjust and solve:   training or rotation, replacement.

At the same time, from the KPI index, enterprises have the basis to calculate the appropriate salary and bonus for each personnel position, and fairly pay salary according to capacity. From there, develop a suitable remuneration policy to retain talents and bring more revenue to businesses


The function of the Marketing Department is to help businesses grow revenue and promote brands. Therefore, companies always invest very seriously in this department.

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