Goods to the warehouse. Competitors run before us. How to DELIVERY?
#Our Sales - Marketing Practical Experience 09/05/2021

Goods to the warehouse. Competitors run before us. How to DELIVERY?

If the product has no difference in the market, this is probably a difficult problem for business owners. Recruiting leaders and marketing managers helps to improve the productivity of the department, but it is still ineffective. Hiring units to run ads is still not up to expectations. Biti’s case study below is probably the best when it comes to this situation.

Deal with inventory

Biti’s considered a fashion icon of the 7x, 8x generation with conditional conditions in Vietnam, Biti’s is known as a super durable product. The year 2000 – a time of open competition. World-famous shoe brands such as Nike and Adidas have entered the Vietnamese market, putting enormous pressure on Biti’s market share. They researched and launched the Biti’s Hunter product line targeting the dynamic youth segment, the shoes that could mix many styles to go out, exercise, and go to work could be mixed and important at affordable prices.

Biti’s breakthroughs with Biti’s Hunter

With effective communication strategies, they have broken out the market with Biti’s spectacular comeback, which has created a huge buzz, marking the transformation of sales as well as positioning in the minds of customers.

Also in the Marketing team at ENUY, we research to find a unique competitive advantage for products when working directly in partner units. Focus on testing the market, building portraits of customer segments, developing product lines that match target customers’ files. Helping products become prominent and competitive in the market, chosen by customers and quickly sold to solve inventory.

MKT Pro – An effective marketing solution for businesses

Customer issues are constantly updated day by day, so we always produce viral content that attracts customers. Apply a unique method of finding the USP for your project and develop your product to new peaks.
Business owners want to own a marketing department with an excellent team who are passionate about the product. Please leave us your contact, we will directly connect to you.
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