How to build a business resource system to meet the Marketing – Sales plan  
#Our Sales - Marketing Practical Experience 05/06/2021

How to build a business resource system to meet the Marketing – Sales plan  

To meet the plan of the Marketing – Sales department to operate smoothly, the leader needs to build an appropriate resource system. Ensuring that it is consistent with the internal resources of the business and still meets the resources for implementing the plan.

Resource planning should include the following elements:

  • Personnel: Based on revenue target -> Breaking down to reach that revenue requires how many customers? -> then, how many leads does we need? -> What is the specific number of leads for each media channel? -> How many personnel do we need to meet it? For example: how many sales personnel, how many customer service personnel? content personnel? Ads running personnel, …
  • Communication costs:

Based on the number of target leads -> Setting out the channels to be deployed -> Based on the number of leads and personnel’s working performance to plan how much is the cost of each channel?

  • Management:

How many leaders are required to deploy such a team? Specifically how many marketing managers? How many Marketing Directors? How many Sales Managers?

  • Operation:

What management tools are needed to operate such a project, how much does it cost? How many personnel are needed in operation

To illustrate in details, below is the sample Case study Building an enterprise resource system that meets the Marketing-Sales plan.