How to recruit a Great Marketing Leader and use him effectively
#Our Sales - Marketing Practical Experience 18/04/2021

How to recruit a Great Marketing Leader and use him effectively

It is difficult to find personnel, but it is less likely for a business to find a great Marketing Leader and use him effectively.

What qualities and skills does a “great” Marketing Leader need?

  • Ability to plan, strategize, operate, measure, solve problems, immediately make corrections.
  • Ability to recruit employees, recruit talents, detect problems and fire and replace staff.
  • Ability to inspire, train and develop humans.
  • Ability to allocate resources, assign the right employees and ability to read and understand indexes.
  • There are cultural factors that are suitable and of the same goals as the business, capable of sticking together for a long time development.
  • A person with commitment, pursuing to the same goal.
  • Ability to be sensitive, making decisions at the right time.

Where to find them?

  • They are in big companies, corporations.
  • They are enjoying high salaries and are welcomed by recruitment hunters.
  • They are the business owners, the Marketing Managers and Directors of businesses.
  • They can be small team leaders in large corporations.

Persuasion strategies

  • To be empowered (recruiting, selecting, replacing personnel, using the budget …) and truly trusted by the leadership board.
  • Your company has a good development direction and vision
  • To propose them an attractive scale, good remuneration.
  • There is a transparent mechanism and a clear development roadmap
  • To create an environment for them to develop themselves, to be trained and challenged, and entitled to conquest.
  • There are personnel in lower positions who are thoughtful, ready to receive tasks.

How to manage and retain them?

  • Truly fulfilling commitments with them when persuading them (orientation of company’s vision, mechanism, environment, empowerment,…)
  • There is a strict monitoring and management system, understanding their progress, their development and educational level, how are they managing the team?
  • Building KPIs and challenging goals matching their abilities and to motivate them to be successful
  • Respecting, trusting, understanding them, there is a vision and enough knowledge for them to trust in.
  • There is an attractive retention, honor and promotion roadmap to retain them.
  • Creating an attractive working environment and supporting them in all circumstances so that they can improve themselves and personal development.
  • There is a suitable training route for them to improve their capacity.


The above are steps to “Recruit great and effective Marketing Leader “. Wishing business owners will recruit qualified employees, culturally compatible with their businesses!

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