How to recruit qualified marketing personnel and to use them effectively
#Our Managing Human Resource Experience 25/04/2021

How to recruit qualified marketing personnel and to use them effectively

Recruitment of personnel is always a headache problem.

How to find suitable personnel?

How to optimize the management and training of personnel?

To recruit a team stably working for 6 months to 1 year, but how to recruit qualified personnel is really difficult.

1. What is a qualified Marketing employee?

  • Good professional capacity, ability to multitask, adapting quickly when starting a new job.
  • Ability to work well in teamwork, know how to utilize and maximize the resources of the business.
  • Ability to proactively at work, solve problems quickly. Focusing on the tasks assigned and the business outcome goal of the business
  • High working performance, having a sense of responsibility, not being afraid of difficulties and suffering.
  • A high sense of commitment and honesty..
  • The teamwork spirit is frankly solving problems, respecting individuals, having absolute trust in teammates and business goals.

2. Where to find them?

  • In the departments specialized in economics sectors of famous universities: National Economics University, Foreign Trade University, Academy of Finance,…
  • In the economically parallel clubs of universities.
  • In agencies specializing in media and advertising.
  • Marketing leaders of small teams of small businesses.

3. How to recruit them?

Recruiting at ENUY

Following the 6-step recruitment process:

Step 1: Screening interview: The recruiter spends the first 20 minutes asking candidates 4 key questions to get preliminary information such as: Introducing themselves, their strengths, their weaknesses.

Step 2: Topgrading interview: At this Step, based on the above basic information, ask your candidates questions to test the culture: Share their jobs, former boss and colleagues or Why quit the job?

Step 3: Focused interview: The recruiter should challenge candidates to handle a specific corporate financial situation in order to test their true capabilities.

Step 4: Candidate discussion: Making in-depth discussions to understand skills, expertise to evaluate them based on criteria.

Step 5: Reference interview: This is the fastest way to verify the information of candidates having exchanged correctly or not?

Step 6: Decision on selecting personnel.

4. Strategy to convince them

Culture Day at ENUY

  • Salary and bonus mechanism is suitable to capacity.
  • Clear promotion roadmap shows them that we are capable of going far in the business.
  • Creating an environment for them to develop themselves, receiving professional training and development every day.
  • Team leaders are professional, regularly training and solving team problems.
  • Your company has a good development direction and vision.

5. How to use and develop qualified marketing personnel

MKT Pro – Solution for setup an In-house Marketing Department for Enterprise

  • Assigning the right employees to the right tasks who suit their abilities and to take the most advantage of their strengths.
  • Assign tasks with completion standards, deadlines and implementation methods to help personnel increase working
  • Regularly assigning challenging tasks to develop personnel’s capacity.
  • Having an attractive retention mechanism, honor and promotion roadmap to retain
  • Creating an attractive working environment and supporting them in all circumstances so that they can improve themselves and personal development.
  • Always training important expertise for personnel on a regular basis to improve personnel capacity and shorten time to solve business problems.
  • Leaders always believes, empowers and listen to personnel.


The above are steps to “ recruit qualified marketing personnel and to use them effectively “. Wishing business owners will recruit qualified employees, culturally compatible with their businesses!

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