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During the complicated epidemic situation, many business units have switched to the online working option – Work from Home. This measure is the best option today, ensuring the safety of business personnel and the community, agreeing with the whole country to fight the epidemic, but many problems arise in the process of connecting and working online between people. members in the company. It is very difficult for business owners to control or manage the work progress of employees.



  • Working from home will be less self-disciplined, less disciplined, so the staff is slow, late to the deadline, poor quality of work, often has to be urged.
  • When necessary, urgent work arises, the leader cannot contact the personnel
  • Interacting with colleagues via texting, calling without meeting face-to-face makes it difficult to convey the right information, employees easily misunderstand the assigned work, leading to focusing resources on the wrong problem.
  • The work is drifting, the warehouse leader manages the work progress to promptly help
  • The arising work is difficult to control, the processing speed is slow
  • Leader is difficult to manage the team, difficult to communicate and convey desires
  • Teams can’t arrange time to work together, teamwork is not effective
  • Mental and emotional instability of personnel, easily affected and affected by the epidemic situation, affecting the quality of work

These problems often greatly affect work efficiency, reduce labor productivity and make it difficult for leaders to manage human resources to ensure work progress.

Therefore, it is necessary to have an optimal management method so that when working remotely, we can still maintain good performance, and at the same time, leaders can easily grasp information and work progress of personnel, from which the best implementation plans are proposed.



Enuy has applied the method of managing work progress during the epidemic period, to both ensure safety against the epidemic and ensure the work progress of the whole company.

1. Apply online job assignment and progress reporting system

The job assignment system “work picture” with indicators (work completion index, discipline index, training index..) is open and transparent to all employees, ensuring the performance of each employee. personnel.

– Build a weekly picture of work assigned by the Head of Department, ensuring that it is suitable to the nature of personnel and the working schedule of the whole team.
– Each employee manages (Host) work items, suitable volume associated with completion standards, is closely monitored by the Head of Department.

– Assign work with commitments, specific completion standards: when is the deadline, there are specific numbers to measure the quality of the work

Human resources update the progress percentage every day at the end of the day to help teammates and the Head of Department understand the speed and specific work efficiency through numbers. When detecting a problem that needs to be solved, the Department of Defense immediately offers a solution.

Due to the online system, just by looking at the indicators, the leader’s assigned work can easily grasp the work progress of the personnel.

Áp dụng hệ thống giao việc online

2. Apply a daily 168 calendar to manage employee progress

Human resources make calendar 168, report to the leadership, the management board monitors this calendar regularly to know what their personnel are doing at what time of day.

– The habit of scheduling detailed activities every 30 minutes of the day of each individual, helps employees control and balance living and working time, avoiding being overloaded or drifting away from work.
– The head of the department updates the personnel’s 168 calendar regularly to monitor the work progress and provide solutions if changes are needed.
– Schedule specific details to help employees optimize work, improve each individual’s work productivity.

From calendar 168, the Leaders can see if the arrangement and management of the personnel’s work is appropriate. Also track the daily work progress of personnel.

3. Using the human resource quality measurement and evaluation system

  • Clear work result index by day, week

    – The percentage of work, the percentage of difficult jobs are entered clearly and coherently, measuring the work progress of each employee at the end of each day. From the data, the Head of Department can predict the results and provide timely solutions.

    –  Every week, HR will review work with the Head of Department, the Head of Department will review the work results, evaluate and offer solutions to the problems that need to be handled.

    – The HR evaluation index is based on fairness, based on exact numbers

  • Personnel Rating

    – Building a system with indicators (work completion index, discipline index, training index, …) transparent, clear, convincing all employees to know the performance of the whole team. team. Paying salaries, considering bonuses according to the rankings, ensuring fairness for the entire department.

    The system of evaluating and ranking personnel through team rules, job completion results, supporting business owners to make timely replacement decisions, evaluating the work progress of employees on a daily basis , weekly, monthly.

4. Apply team KPIs so that members can help and support each other

The application of common KPIs helps members to be more responsible, self-disciplined and disciplined to complete their work.

Not only that, all members will notice the work of their colleagues and ask for help or support to complete each person’s work. To deliver the best results for the common goal.

The personnel will self-motivate and motivate each other to try.

From there, the leaders will save time managing and pushing each individual. Capture the work progress of the whole team.

Áp dụng KPI đội nhóm

5.  Leader communicates expectations clearly and gives regular feedback so everyone knows how they are doing

  • Assign tasks to employees with clear documents and evidence: about the detailed work, standards of work completed, deadlines, how that work affects the overall goals of the team and the company as a whole.
  • When the leader conveys information or assigns a task that needs to be given specific work, then clearly ask the staff to give feedback on what they understand to check if the assigned work has been understood by the personnel.
  • Assign work with commitment requirements of personnel, specific completion standards: deadlines, with specific numbers to measure work quality.

In the process of working as a leader, the leader often gives feedback to increase interaction with members. Help personnel not to miss information, promptly handle arising problems and maintain the work schedule as planned.

Quản lý tiến độ công việc khi work from home


Above are the 5 methods that Enuy has successfully applied and achieved good results, the company’s staff maintains work in accordance with the plan. Human resource management is also easy for managers when switching to the online work plan – work from home.

Hope the above sharing will help you have more methods to apply to your business!

Good luck with your business!


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