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Operation and deployment of the Marketing – Sales system in an effective way


MKT Pro Service

  • Providing Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers with many years of experience and recruited and trained marketing personnel.
  • Replacing marketing personnel actively and flexibly thanks to the availability of trained and selected human resources. Labor productivity increases 10-15 times
  • Saving time and management cost of the marketing department thanks to the automatic operation and effective deployment system of the Marketing – Sales system.

MKT Pro – Solution for setup an In-house Marketing Department for Enterprise

In this article, we will share you about the Operation System to effectively deploy the Marketing – Sales system, including:

  • Powers of responsibility of positions
  • Overview of operating system to deploy a MKT Pro project – Effective MKT – Sales system: Customer information, service packages and related departments (Project Director, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Marketing, Accounting and Administration Staff…) and Overview of operation implementation of the Marketing department
  • Details in the operation schedule: The job must be detailed in each step, the purpose of each job, the status of the job execution
  • List of weekly and daily reports in a project.

Training at ENUY

To operate effectively and deploy the Marketing – Sales system, it is necessary to combine, trust and empower appropriately between positions: CEO – Marketing Director – Marketing Manager – The operations director adjusting the information, informing the project automatically – Marketing – Sales – Customer Service personnel.

MKT Pro service provides customers with a system to effectively operate the Marketing – Sales department from the following positions:

  • Marketing Director, Marketing Manager: making strategic decisions, notifying the work progress, adjusting personnel, communication costs,…
  • The operations director adjusting the information, informing the project automatically: measurement system, report on project index, personnel to update daily for management and personnel board for clear information.
  • Qualified Marketing – Sales – Customer Service Personnel: understanding effective working process.
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