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A flexible work schedule is the dream of most office workers because it helps balance work and family. A flexible working policy will help employees reduce stress at work, help improve productivity, and this is also a factor to help attract and retain talent.

The general trend of businesses is that employees work 8 hours a day, but now there are businesses and companies that switch to timing their work in their own way to get the highest possible profit. With this work schedule will give employees the freedom to manage their work time however they want as long as they complete the allotted total time. There are many ways to implement a flexible work program such as compressed working hours, compressed workweek or freelancing to work where they want… In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter where you work but what matters most is to complete the assigned work norms and ensure complete accuracy.

And ENUY is one of the leading units in applying flexible time in work. Personnel working at ENUY can actively arrange their working time, morning can come from 10 am or 11 pm, can return from 16 pm or 17 pm, can rest from Saturday or any other day. in Week. Thanks to this flexible working time, ENUY staff can be creative in their work but still ensure the quality and progress of the work based on the cultural values committed to close and long-term commitment. with ENUY.

Career at ENUY


Every year, ENUY has 10 - 20 new Marketing Managers with salary from 1000 - 1500 USD, this creates conditions for all ENUY employees to have the opportunity to learn and improve their qualifications to achieve the desired position. want. When going to work in other companies to rise to the position of team leader, it will take you 6 months to 1 year, the position of department head takes 1-2 years of experience, which means that to get to the position of head of the department, you It will take about 2-3 years. But coming to ENUY, it only takes you 1 - 1.5 years to get to the position of manager because at Enuy, we have built tools that make learning and cultivating management skills easier than ever. have. In addition, it is a challenging opportunity with many projects with a large media budget to help employees improve their capacity and experience quickly and ensure fairness as well as promotion opportunities for each employee of the company. ENUY.


At ENUY, we are always interested in building a strong culture. We aim to make ENUY the most rewarding place to work. Every month, we always have surveys to measure the happiness and satisfaction of employees when working at the company. So far, the ENUY culture is loved by many employees. We always consider each other as a family, upholding transparency and respect for individuals. Everyone has their own personality, their own opinion, their own way of life and we appreciate that, no one has the right to judge this difference. ENUY people are always full of energy and desire to win, we work based on straightforward problem solving and personal responsibility. Therefore, at ENUY, when an incident arises, each concerned individual will actively voice his or her personal opinion by speaking, the listeners will accept it and work together to find a solution towards the common goal. , do not blame others or circumstances. Because we give opinions not to argue right and wrong but to offer the best solution. Despite being as close as family, ENUY people always uphold discipline, think out of the way, act, communicate, and train according to the guideline of Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Cultural Values. by ENUY. That's why we always produce results that exceed expectations.


At ENUY, people are the biggest asset, people here develop, ENUY also develops. Therefore, we always focus on promoting training to develop staff. When working at ENUY, personnel will be able to participate in weekly system training and intensive training sessions. System training helps ensure that personnel promptly grasp system updates, use the system properly, and create high efficiency at work. Marketing is constantly changing, the market is constantly changing, so we always have intensive weekly training sessions to help improve professional capacity from basic to advanced and timely update new knowledge. Each week, personnel will have 2 training sessions directly trained by the Director and the Head of the Department. And once every two weeks, there will be a "leadership seed" training session for qualified personnel and good work results. Personnel at ENUY will be trained in skills: time management skills, financial management skills, team management skills... And professional knowledge: advertising thinking, construction Sale closing script, content Marketing development, negotiation skills, personality reading skills and appropriate communication…



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