Leader is like a torch, not only illuminating the business path but also igniting the fire of passion and desire in personnel, helping them to shine and devote themselves to the business.

Good managers are the effective arms of the business – the stronger the arm, the more sustainable the business will develop. The bigger the business, the more talented people it needs. To retain capable people, business owners also need to have ways to respect, nurture and promote their abilities!


Over 5 years of construction and development, Enuy has applied many different management methods, finally found a method to build a policy to retain good Marketing Managers for a long-term commitment and dedication. for Business.






  • Build a clear promotion path for Marketing managers

Good managers are people with outstanding qualities, potential and capabilities. They have the opportunity to develop further if they are properly valued and promoted.

They should be given fair credit with clear judgments. They need to know where they are on the ladder of advancement, who they are before them, who they are after, how active they should be on that path. Show them how to go from a Marketing Manager to a Marketing Manager.

Enuy realizes the potential of good human resources, regularly motivates and challenges Marketing managers to develop quickly. Not only that, at each stage of development, the Marketing Director always accompanies and helps show Marketing managers the potential and how to strive for higher positions. Be clear about your capabilities, promote your strengths and improve your weaknesses to build your own goals to strive for.

Opportunities at Enuy are always open to talented people. Marketing managers can completely strive to become Marketing Directors if they are properly oriented, overcome challenges, fiercely and constantly learn.

Cách tuyển dụng Leader Marketing giỏi và sử dụng hiệu quả

Xây dựng hệ thống đào tạo và phát triển con người


  • There is a policy of honoring – a remuneration suitable for the efforts of the managers

Good personnel always want an environment with good salary and benefits based on their ability. Besides, the support of the leadership so that they can reach better salaries.

This is one of the benefits that an employee wants to receive when dedicating to the business. Especially for capable people, they deserve better treatment. When they have demonstrated their abilities, they will have more opportunities to choose the environment to fight!

Enuy has a policy of honoring good managers, with salaries and bonuses commensurate with their dedication. Enuy’s respect and keeping of promises, fairness – transparency in compensation and benefits is a secret to retaining a good Marketing manager!


  • Trust Empower – Give opportunities to good Marketing Managers
Tin tưởng Trao quyền - Trao cơ hội cho những trưởng phòng Marketing giỏi

Tin tưởng Trao quyền – Trao cơ hội cho những trưởng phòng Marketing giỏi

Once a leader, the marketing manager will also manage his team. So they need to be recognized, trusted and empowered from above, have the opportunity to assert themselves!

At Enuy, department heads are given the opportunity to lead the team, challenge themselves in many different fields, under the guidance and companionship of experienced leaders to make themselves confident. shine. Make an impact on the employees you manage!

“If you don’t believe it, don’t use it, if you use it, you must believe it”

– Tào Tháo


  • Creating an environment to help managers develop
Tạo môi trường giúp các trưởng phòng phát triển 

Tạo môi trường giúp các trưởng phòng phát triển

For good people, they need enough space to be creative, to work and to express themselves. They need freedom at work. But freedom here does not mean undisciplined but facilitation to the fullest extent, ignoring barriers that slow down their development.

Good personnel, especially those who have strived to be good Managers, always need a place with a vision and mission big enough for them to develop and devote with their passion. They have teammates and leaders who are always ready to help to achieve a common goal. Such an environment always attracts good people who have a high work ethic and are ready to devote themselves to the business.


  • There is a suitable training schedule for good managers to develop their abilities even more
Có lộ trình đào tạo phù hợp để trưởng phòng giỏi phát huy khả năng của mình hơn nữa

Có lộ trình đào tạo phù hợp để trưởng phòng giỏi phát huy khả năng của mình hơn nữa

At Enuy, Marketing Managers participate in weekly training (1 – 2 sessions) with Marketing Director and other leaders. To update new knowledge, train on solutions to hot issues arising during project implementation.

A variety of skills training programs help managers to improve their weaknesses, while promoting their strengths and showing their full capabilities.

Showing them that there is still a lot of knowledge they can learn from their superiors and businesses is also a great secret to keeping employees long-term with Enuy!

Above are 5 secrets to “Retaining a good Marketing Manager” of Enuy. Wish business owners will find a suitable method to retain good managers to accompany their businesses!

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