The constituent elements of an effective Marketing – Sales department
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The constituent elements of an effective Marketing – Sales department

1. Great Marketing Leaders

Who are they?

  • Marketing Director is in charge of building development orientation, choosing deployment strategy, assigning big jobs, training personnel.
  • Marketing Manager closely monitors each employee. In addition, the Marketing Manager is in charge of recruitment, dismissal interviews – building a salary and bonus mechanism, creating, measuring, training and developing humans.

What qualities and skills are they acquired to have?

  • Skills: personnel management capacity, skills of assigning the right personnel, right resources, human resource development and training skills and self-study, self-development, planning and strategy skills, right decision-making at the right time
  • Qualities: ability of creating inspiration, good teamwork, ability to lead teams, who is committed to and overcomes difficulties, pursues the same goals, has acumen, loves and is passionate about marketing, has business ethics.
  • Appropriateness in corporate culture.

2. Excellent personnel

What is an Excellent Marketing employee?

  • They are good at their field, knowledgeable and suitable in teamwork culture. Doing their expertise helps the personnel work effectively, get the best results and match the teamwork culture helping the team support, assist each other to be a champion team.
  • Good personnel will be in charge of separate fields, from research, sales, content,… (applying the strengths of the personnel).
  • Criteria related to the suitability of teamwork culture: Highly targeted, eager for learning, progressive, proactive, frank, highly committed, willing to help others, passionate about the fields they work in (content, analysis, sales).

3. Business resources

Business resources: finance, time, coordination with other departments, qualified partners, agencies.

Identifying and exactly in business resources will help businesses choose right strategies, weigh enough and necessary resources, take projects to develop and make a breakthrough. For the reason that if you do not know it clearly, there will be strategies that exceed resources affecting strategies, business communication costs,…

One of the capacities of the MKT Leader is to determine a resource balance strategy.

How to clearly identify resources?

It is necessary to build up an in-house marketing team of the business because they are the ones who understand the situation, products, can identify the right resources for the business.

4. Trust and empowerment from the leadership board

In the position of leaders, they must know who to empower, such suitable and professional positions will help the business save time, come up with right strategies since the new Marketing Directors are the ones with good expertise. In addition to empowerment, they need to trust the capabilities of the Marketing-Sales department since they are recognized, then the personnel will do their best for the business.

Empowerment herein includes: decision-making on strategies, communication costs, long and short-term plans, and personnel for the management board.


In summary, an effective Marketing – Sales department will be a circle of touchpoints: CEO – Marketing Director, Marketing Manager – Personnel of Marketing – Sales Department – Personnel of Customer Service Department. With each touchpoint, it should be top-down from decision-making, empowering, and using resources. Only by doing that, the business operates smoothly, grows revenue and creates a breakthrough.

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