What is MKT Pro?
#Service Information 27/06/2021

What is MKT Pro?

ENUY CORP’s MKT Pro project was put into operation nearly 2 years ago. The effectiveness that we bring to our partner businesses has been proven by the numbers as well as the feelings of our customers. We are still continuously improving and improving the quality of this project to help more business owners. This article is for business owners who are looking to set up a professional Marketing department for their own business.

Solution to build a marketing department package for businesses

If you ask a question: You are a new business, have no knowledge of Digital Marketing. Or you already have a Marketing department, but it’s sporadic and ineffective. You don’t know how to build an effective Marketing department. That’s when you need outside help. What will the in-house marketing department setup service package at ENUY do for you?

  • Research, collect information, mine customer data to build and optimize strategies, create a breakthrough based on the resources of the business, become a prominent brand in the market.
  • Together with the business owner, develop salary KPIs, save 20-30% of salary and directly attach salary to the target system to increase labor productivity 3-5 times compared to conventional businesses.
  • Build automatic customer care system, customer care script, customer classification. Increase lead conversion rate, and referral rate from old customers. Help the business’ brand imprint in the customer’s mind.

MKT Pro – In-house Marketing Department setup service for businesses

Help business owners save recruitment time

To set up a complete Marketing department, an average business takes 1-3 months to recruit personnel. This means that, during this time, businesses cannot carry out marketing activities for their products and services. Business owners also understand that this period is enough for competitors to rise up and capture the potential market of the business. Therefore, time is the most valuable asset of a growing business. Time is money.

Understanding and empathizing with businesses, ENUY has optimized the recruitment time of MKT Pro. It only takes us 5-7 days to reach 80-100% of the number of marketing personnel including the head of the department. Recruitment quality is guaranteed to be at a high level, we continuously source human resources from leading universities majoring in marketing and e-commerce. Personnel are interviewed selectively at the rate of 10 to 1 to ensure the quality of personnel. Always ready to have 200 – 500 people / month to replace the weak personnel.

ENUY provides quality personnel only from 3-5 days

Therefore, MKT Pro can thoroughly solve recruitment problems, saving 1-2 months of business operation of enterprises. Helping businesses catch up with trends and quickly dominate the market.

Ensure the quality of human resources in accordance with the requirements of the business

The personnel from the MKT Pro project, in addition to being carefully selected, are also marketers with a deep understanding of the products and services of the business. Professionally trained to ensure progress, can be continuously adjusted in accordance with the company’s business plan and the needs of the market. They are dynamic personnel and always keep up with the trends of society. Ability to research and view the market objectively and accurately.

Objective comparison, ENUY personnel have high labor productivity, usually 2-3 times higher than self-employed marketing personnel. Human resources understand and are trained to cut off 50-70% of redundant work that does not bring results, or is less effective. In addition to working capacity, the working sense is also superior to that of ordinary personnel. Because the salary and bonus system is calculated according to the company’s business results, employees always try their best to complete their work.

Personnel are continuously trained to understand products and customer needs

In addition, the point that makes personnel from ENUY different is the team culture, corporate culture. We always direct the personnel we provide to loyalty and put the efficiency of the business first. Right from the moment employees agree to engage with the business, they have been trained to work towards the development of products and services of the business more and more effectively according to the direction of the director. And ENUY ensures professionalism when employees leave, we are committed to finding a replacement with the same level and qualifications within 3 months, if not completed, we will refund partners 100 million VND.

Optimizing marketing costs for businesses

With many years of experience in the Marketing industry, ENUY evaluates that MKT Pro has a cost equal to or lower than the cost of outsourcing agencies and saves up to 50% of costs compared to setting up a Marketing department by yourself. The salary of the staff is equal to that of the in-house marketing staff, but it is much lower than the productivity they can do. The workload and coverage of marketing channels increased 2-3 times compared to the old operation.

Besides, MKT Pro saves and optimizes communication costs. Because the quality of marketing products will be improved to increase the effectiveness of reaching the same number of customers as before. We always update and innovate our ways to suit the needs and business markets of our partner businesses. Help them catch up and dominate the market in the fastest and most effective way.

168 calendar helps Marketing personnel to control work more effectively

Most importantly, MKT Pro will help save the CEO’s time. As ENUY mentioned above, time is decisive for the success or failure of the business. A business owner has hundreds of thousands of jobs to take care of. Instead of having to participate in operations management and support the Marketing team, they now just need to read the results and come up with a strategy that is right for their business.

MKT Pro also helps business owners save costs on recruitment, seating, insurance, travel and Tet bonuses. Because businesses do not need to recruit, the optimal number of employees is less than self-employment.

Customers have been and are satisfied with the quality of MKT Pro

Mr. Pham Van Phuong – Director of Khang Pham Gia Co., Ltd commented: “I have searched for many marketing solutions from setting up the Marketing department by myself to outsourcing agencies, but when I met MKT Pro, I was really reassured. about the quality of Marketing of your company. You implement the work very quickly and clearly.”

Mr. Bui Van Anh – Director of AZADO Vietnam Co., Ltd. shared: “First of all, I was impressed with MKT Pro on cultural issues. The staffs are very polite, polite both in communication, polite even in In terms of personnel recruitment, I was also quite surprised, because the time is extremely fast in the matter of personnel replacement. It only takes about 3-5 days.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Chi – CEO of Led Fawookidi Technology Joint Stock Company assessed: “I used to build a Marketing department myself and faced many difficulties. I am satisfied when using MKT Pro, you provide a system to manage. marketing room.”


What MKT Pro always focuses on is efficiency and customer experience. MKT Pro wants its partners to always grow and develop further in the market with our companion. MKT Pro – Breakthrough to lead

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